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Below Is a summary of all the services we provide  including Optometry services

myopia control

Myopia Control

Information to find out how the new techniques of controlling myopia may help your child or yourselve

eye examination

Eye Examinations

We offer comprehensive private eye examinations, NHS eye examination with an enhanced retinal screening, standard NHS eye examinations, work based eye examinations for VDU screens, safety spectacles, and the Navy vision assessments for medicals.

contact lens examination

Contact Lens Examinations

Choose to book a Contact lens Appointment or find out more information:
1.Contact lens Aftercare
2 Contact lens trial
3 Orthokeratology

visual stress

Visual Stress

Our team of highly experienced optometrists specialise in visual stress for reading difficulties, ensuring that everyone, from children to adults, have the best possible vision.



Find out what this is all about and how it will benefit you

ocular coherence tomography

4 D Retinal Imaging (OCT)

Parkhurst Opticians is a premier optometry service offering highly accurate 4D retinal screening known as ocular coherence tomography (OCT). Our friendly and knowledgeable medical staff are dedicated to providing excellent patient care.

dry eye information

Dry Eye Assessment

Dry eye assessment is a comprehensive evaluation process conducted to diagnose and manage dry eye disease. It encompasses the examination of tear quantity and quality, assessment of symptoms reported by the patient, and thorough examination of the ocular surface.

We offer Frames, Lenses, latest varifocal lenses, contact lenses, sunglasses click to find out more


We offer Frames, Lenses, latest varifocal lenses, contact lenses, sunglasses click to find out more

A very professional service where I was put at ease throughout the process.  I really appreciated the in-depth explanation of each of the tests and outcomes.
I would not use and alternative Opticians.
Thank you. 

Riley Jones

Middle Aged Woman

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