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As a company, Marchon is committed to innovation, style, and superior craftsmanship. They collaborate with top fashion brands, as well as develop their own proprietary brands, to offer a diverse range of eyewear options for men, women, and children. Marchon's frames are known for their exceptional quality, fashion-forward designs, and attention to detail.

Marchon's portfolio includes a wide array of brands, each with its own distinct style and appeal. They work closely with renowned fashion houses such as Calvin Klein, Nike, Lacoste, Karl Lagerfeld, Salvatore Ferragamo, Paul Smith and many others, to create eyewear collections that reflect the brand's aesthetics and fashion sensibilities.

Marchon frames encompass a broad spectrum of styles, from classic and timeless designs to bold and avant-garde creations. They use premium materials, including high-quality metals, acetates, and lightweight plastics, to ensure durability, comfort, and a premium feel. The frames often feature intricate detailing, innovative technologies, and cutting-edge design elements to provide both style and functionality.

Marchon is also committed to sustainability, actively working towards minimizing its environmental impact through responsible manufacturing practices and material sourcing. They strive to integrate eco-friendly materials and processes into their production while maintaining the highest standards of quality and design.

Overall, Marchon Eyewear is a respected company known for its wide range of eyewear offerings, spanning from luxury and high-end fashion brands to their own proprietary collections. With their commitment to quality, innovation, and style, Marchon frames cater to diverse tastes, ensuring that individuals can find eyewear that not only enhances their vision but also complements their personal style.

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