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Hycosan® is a well-established range of preservative-free lubricants for symptom relief for tired, itchy dry eyes of all severities. Hycosan® eye drops are high quality eye lubricants delivered in the unique COMOD system, which ensure 6 month sterility and do not require preservatives. The Hycosan® range also contains Hycosan® Night ointment for night-time symptom relief.

Hycosan Dual:- Moisturises dry eyes, stabilises the tear film and reduces inflammatory and allergic symtoms such as itching and burning.

Hycossan Plus:- A lubricating eye drop that can support the healing of the surface of the eye due to dry eye or surgical procedures.

Hycosan Original:-A lubricating eye drop for moderate dry eye providing relief from discomfort associated with environmental conditions or contact lens wear.

Hycosan Extra:- A lubricting eye drop for more severe and persistent cases of dry eye.

Hycosan Night:-Soothes dry, itchy eyes while you sleep. For improvement of the tear film and protection of the ocular surface.


SKU : 36523641234523
  • 7.5ml bottle preservative free.

    Moisturies dry eyes, stabilies the tear film. Different products available

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