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NHS Basic Funded Eye Examination.

NHS Eye Exams: NHS (National Health Service) eye exams are provided by optometrists and ophthalmic medical practitioners who work within the healthcare system in the United Kingdom.

These exams are available to eligible individuals at no cost, typically covered by the NHS. NHS eye exams aim to assess and monitor the overall health of the eyes, detect vision problems, diagnose eye conditions, and provide necessary prescriptions for glasses or contact lenses. They may also involve referrals to specialists or further diagnostic tests if required.

Please read further to see whether you are eligible for an NHS funded examination

NHS patient may want to consider upgrading to an eye exam with OCT to ensure that they receive the highest level of care for their eyes. With its ability to detect eye conditions early, provide precise diagnoses, and develop customized treatment plans, OCT can help patients maintain optimal eye health and preserve their vision for years to come.

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