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The Eye Doctor range provides a complete selection of products to treat and relieve dry eyes, gritty eyes, watery eyes, red eyes, burning eyes, itchy eyes, contact lens irritation and tired eyes.

The Eye Doctor Antibacterial Premium Eye Compress Treatment Pack: Use hot for Dry Eye Disease, MGD, Blepharitis and Chalazions. Use Cold for Hay Fever, inflammation, Headaches and Migraines.

Click and Go instant Heat Mask: A travel friendly instant heat mask to relieve dry, sore, tired and gritty eyes.

Screen Time Eye Drops: Provides instant dry eye relief after prolonged screen time. Preservative free, contact lens friendly. Long lasting formula & easy to use bottle.

Intensive Dry Eye Drops: Treats severe and persistant dry eye conditions. Relieves dryness, irritation and burning. Easy to use pump action bottle.

The Eye Doctor

SKU: 364215376135199
  • 10ml bottles. Preservative Free. Fast-acting relief for mild to severe dry eyes. Other product available.

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